“Solving Complicated Problems with a Simple Solution”


“I read all day yesterday …for pleasure. This is something I have never done. I have a problem with words running together and it takes me awhile to decipher and separate the words. Now with the RAD lenses I can see the page just rise to meet me and the words separate themselves. WOW, you have no idea!!!”

“Oh my, this is like Christmas. I can’t get over how much better everything looks with the RAD lenses, and how I can read without getting a headache. I actually look forward to reading the paper today. Believe me, that is not the norm. I can work with the computer and catch my own typing and spelling errors. Reports and records are much easier to accurately read.”

“Shane is 7 years old and repeating the first grade. His reading level was tested at 9th month of kindergarten. After using the RAD lenses for four months his reading level is 7th month of 1st grade. We are very pleased with his progress.”

“Words can’t even express how grateful I am. With the help of the RAD prism glasses, I can now read more clearly and every word has a space between it. Before the glasses, everything ran together and I had to concentrate so hard and then reread the paragraph to understand what it said. I had to spend so much time figuring out what I was reading and if I looked up I lost my place. Now, with the RAD prism glasses I can breeze through what I am reading, without thinking twice and going back to make sure I read the right thing. I have raised my GPA from 2.0 to 3.0 at the Community college and have now been accepted at the University.”

“Thank you so much. You have no idea how much you helped. I am 27 years old and for the first time in my life, I feel smart. I actually read with expression and I loved it. My reading has improved from 4th grade to college level.”

“I am very excited because my kids are so excited. They couldn’t wait to show me their RAD prism glasses and demonstrate their improvements in reading and writing.”

“First, let me begin by stating how excited I am by what you have discovered. When I heard Anthony bragging about his reading, I had tears in my eyes. I have tried to develop Anthony’s reading progress for the past two years, only seeing minimal progress. You were able to do this in one day.”

“I can see space between words. I see blue’s more and whites are more vibrant. The RAD glasses have a calming effect. I read easier, smoother, faster and I have better comprehension.”

“These glasses have not only changed Megan’s life but the life of our whole family. Megan said the words were dancing on the page. She always needed assistance when doing any and all homework. She did not like to read and school was a chore. Now, with the RAD glasses, Megan loves to get a book and read. She can now do her homework without me sitting with her the whole time. Her grades reflect her new found abilities and she has more confidence with herself. I cannot thank you enough for my daughter’s improvements.”

“Anna has made good progress in the areas of visual perception and school related visual motor tasks with RAD prism glasses. She has a 50% higher score in visual scanning and a 30% higher score for structured cancellation tasks, with less effort, time and concentration for tasks with the RAD prism glasses. Anna needs 30% less time to read 2 text pages and used 40% less time to copy from a book with the prism glasses.”

“My son received the RAD Prism glasses two months ago. The teacher told me that it was a 180 degree turn around. His reading level has improved to 100% of his class level and he was the first one to reach his reading goal for the year. My son is very proud to be wearing the prism glasses and he tells everyone they are magic glasses.”

“My son is nine years and in the 3rd grade for the 2nd time. His world has improved dramatically with the RAD glasses. He immediately started reading at a faster pace, reading more clearly and not skipping small filler words in the text. His reading level has increased and his confidence has improved. No headaches, eye tiredness or anything else you would think of having from wearing the RAD glasses. Our family is very thankful.”

“My fourteen year old Philip put on the RAD prism glasses and went from stumbling through 4th grade reading material to easily read 10th grade material. We are ecstatic.”

“My daughter has used the RAD prism glasses for six months. Anna reads faster and says the letters have stopped moving on the page. The letters are easier to see and she understands more. Anna was recently diagnosed with sensory perception disorder, these glasses give her confidence when doing her homework.”

“Dylan has been using the RAD prism glasses for 2 days. Her fluency increased from 60 WPM to 90 WPM and has cut reading time from 30 minutes to 10 minutes on a 3 ½ page passage.”

“Donovan has only had this RAD prism glasses for a week, but his teacher can already see a difference. He is reading at a more steady pace out loud. Thanks.”

“Jonathon does so much better and consistently with the RAD prism glasses. His comprehension is greatly improved. his writing is so much faster and he doesn’t struggle near as much. His word recognition is much improved. This child’s ego and self-confidence has been greatly improved. It is almost unbelievable.”

“Samantha has had the RAD prism glasses one and one half month. Her reading fluency has improved greatly. She has a much easier time reading out loud with much less stuttering over words. After trying the glasses the glasses she was running down the hallway singing how happy she was.”

“Nick started tutoring a few weeks after school ended. He obtained the RAD prism glasses at that time. His teacher is amazed by the progress he has made. His spelling has improved dramatically. He was in the 6th grade and spelling at 2nd grade level. Now he is at grade level.”

Joshua is in the 3rd grade. He is wearing the RAD glasses 95% of the time. It took half the time to do his spelling this week and the next day HE KNEW THEM. I am listening to him read with more speed and he comprehends what he has read.”

“We tested the RAD glasses on our son Craig last night. For the first time he had true inflections in his voice when he read and did not struggle and fight with each word. He read a book to the entire family. You would have received one huge hug if you were in my living room last night.”

“We have two sons, ages 9 and 11. Both children have been diagnosed with varying degrees of visual processing disorder. Both children struggled with handwriting, reading, math and various sports activities. Last January, we obtained the RAD prism glasses. The results that we have seen in both boys have been remarkable. Within two weeks, the improvement in their handwriting was dramatic and along with that came an unbelievable improvement in their artistic ability. Drawing, coloring and painting was now fun. Reading has gradually improved and continues to do so. They just seem to be more comfortable in their bodies. I would definitely recommend the RAD Prism glasses to anyone that has any level of visual processing difficulties. Our results are amazing.”

“Emily is helped greatly by wearing her RAD prism glasses for reading, writing and homework.”

“His summer teacher says that Chris is sailing through his books and is also tackling tough words without difficulty.”

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the RAD prism glasses this week. This has been a miracle.”

“Drake is 6 years old and has been using the RAD Prism glasses for one month. He has increased his reading rate from 17 words a minute to 62 words a minute. He remembers what he reads. Written words now have spaces between them. Before it looked like he was writing the alphabet. Drake started wearing the glasses on Tuesday and by Friday I received a phone call from his teacher saying she was stunned by the improvements Drake made in only three days. Thank you, Thank you.”