“Solving Complicated Problems with a Simple Solution”

RAD Prism Overview

New Patented RAD Prism Helps People with Dyslexia
Overcome Reading Difficulties

Introducing the RAD Prism

The RAD Prism is a proven and effective dyslexia treatment currently being used by thousands of people with dyslexia worldwide.

If you have experienced any of the following:

    • Words or letters “moving” on the page (up and down, side to side, pull apart, compressed or small, floating)

    • Words running together

    • Parts of words and letters that “disappear” off the page

    • Reversing letters, words and numbers

    • Difficultly recognizing sight words (at, is, the, etc.)

    • Re-read same line, lose place and or concentration

    • Frustration and or anxiety when reading

The RAD Prism will:

Improve Reading Fluency

Improve Comprehension

Reduce Frustration and Anxiety when Reading

Increase Overall Academic Confidence