“Solving Complicated Problems with a Simple Solution”

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– 501c3 Non-Profit
– Patented Prism
– Family Owned and Operated (Although we may want to move from this)
– The idea began when a father watched his son struggling to read at his grade level (more can be added to this)
– Our Mission:

    • Dyslexia Solutions is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about dyslexia as well as providing resources and tools that will help dyslexics reach their full potential.
    • Our primary tool to help dyslexic individuals is the RAD prism. This prism significantly and instantaneously increases reading fluency and comprehension.
    • Currently, thousands of children and adults all over the world have had their lives completely changed by the RAD prisms. We hope to help thousands more in the future.

– Over 1,000 RAD lenses have been purchased, in all 50 states and 29 countries
– No prescription needed (How should I word this better?)
– Conducted studies –

    • In House
      • 80% 0f 3,000 participants have reported significant reading improvement
      • Individuals from 45 states and 31 countries have participated in our study
    • Middle School Study (2006-2007 school year)
      • Selected 44 students reading several years below their expected reading level and showed symptoms of dyslexia
      • Students used RAD Prism for 6 months during normal reading instruction
      • Teachers recorded an avg. growth of 586 lexiles (Scholastic Reading Inventory) 

– Who should try the RAD Prism?
Anyone who reads at a slow and laborious pace due to any of the following characteristics:

      • Sometimes reversing letters and words
      • Usually not recognizing sight words (at, is, the, etc.)
      • Running words together
      • Words appearing to be compressed or small
      • Seeing words and letters “move” on the page
      • Seeing words and letters as different every time they are read
      • Seeing background contrast as poorly defined
      • Seeing parts of words and letters “disappear” off the page
      • Experiencing anxiety and frustration when reading
      • Exhibiting poor understanding of what is read

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, 30-day full refund
Handcrafted Individually in the United States

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